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TS-CSN Tilting Spindle Moulder


The Utis TS-CSN Tilting Spindle Moulder has a similar single unit cast iron construction and also incorporates the spindle and tilting mechanism as the standard TS-50.

All the TS-CSN models have true vertical adjustment as shown on the drawing below and not through the centreline of the spindle as with most other machine.

Vertical adjustmane for spindle rise and fall


Advantages of spindle tilting backwards:

- Optimum protectio as the work piece covers the tool.

- Possibility to mould any size of work piece

- A automatic feed unit can be used.

- Ideal dust and chip collection

There are different version of the TS-CSN offering various tilting angles and specifications

Spindle tilt +30°/-45° : 2 speed-motor 5.5-7,5 kW/400 Volts 50Hz, with brake - 4 spindle speeds : 3000-4500-6000 and 9000 rpm. High and low speed contactors, magneto-thermical circuit breakers.

- Spindle tilt +30°/-45° or +/-45.5° : 2 speed Motor 5.5-7.5 kW/400 Volts with brake, 4 spindle-speeds : 3000-6000 and 4500-9000 rpm
Option : motor 7.5 kW/400 Volts and inverter for variable spindle speed from 1500 rpm to 9000 rpm.

Spindle tilt +45°/-22,5° : 2 motors 7,5-10 HP/400 Volts 50Hz for 4 spindle speeds without any change of belts : 3000-6000 and 4500-9000rpm. Automatic brake,

Each model is fitted with an upper electrical control panel within operators reach.

CSN-VISU : Electronic digital displays of spindle travel, spindle tilt and fence travel.
Manual push-button control with fast and low speed for fine adjustment.

CSN-PROG : 3 axis position controller.
1° axis : Rise and fall, 2° axis : Spindle tilt, 3° axis : Fence travel.
Programmed axes control, single operation or manual control in absolute or incremental mode.

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