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TS-50 Spindle Moulder

The TS-50 cast iron body is manufactured as a single unitTS-50 incorparating the spindle housing ensuring the spindle runs smoothly and quietly.
The cast iron table is bolted on to the body,dimensions 1m 20 x 0m 80.
Lateral cast-iron extensions and front extension bar 2m are optional
Steel and aluminium plates in front of the tool with manual adjustement

Standard Interchangeable spindle CM5 with supply of a spindle Ø 50, 40, 30mm or 1 1/4" with rings,
Optional Interchangeable spindle HSK F80 with hydraulicor manual unlocking.

Standard fence (cast iron) with safety fence plates, interchangeable splinterproofs and rulers. Fine screw adjustement for the complete fence and for the outfeed plate. Upper chip ejector and guard

Each model is fitted with an upper electrical control panel within the operators reach including :
- electric spindle rise and fall with push-buttons and electronic digital display of spindle travel.

Technical characteristics

- Table dimensions
- Option
- Table height
- Distance from the spindle to the front of the machine
- Distance from the spindle to the front extension ber (max.)
- Spindle speeds
- Spindle
- Ø 50 mm fixed
- interchangeable CM5
- Stroke (Standard spindle)
- Tool diameter
- Motor :
- TS 50 standard
- Optional
- TS 50 automatic
- Weight
- Overall dimensions L x l x h (mm)
- Control panel h=1680

1200 x 800 mm
2000 x 800 mm
890 mm
390 mm
860 mm
3000-4500-6000-9000 tr / mn

length 185 mm
Ø50, 40, 30 mm or 1 1/4"
190 mm
max. 220 mm

4-5,5 kW/ 400 Volts
5.5-7,5 kW
5,5-7,5 kW / 400 Volts
720 to 900 kg
1200 x 950 x 1050
2000 x 950 x 1050

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