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Stegherr Closed Halving Joint machine.
Simple handling due to perfected technique Similar to the KSF-2E, the development of the KSF-2 is also based on Stegherr's long standing experience in the manufacturing of cross joint milling machines. These machines have been tested and tried thousands of times. They have convinced their customers due to their high accuracy and an optimal price-performance ratio. They have attached great importance to the simple operation and flexible use. The feeding carriage with digital display ensures that the positioning of the three milling units is effected with 1/10 accuracy.

Tooling LayoutPushing a button initiates the machining cycle for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints. The edges are cut by a top and a bottom cutting unit while at the same time a third unit finishes the flat portion in between. The feed rate of the cutters can be set infinitely variable. The entire cutter unit moves against the rigidly located work-piece.
(Optional 4th cutter is shown)
Perfect and tear free joints. The top and bottom tool-set can be adjusted in height separately. This guarantees a quick re-adjustment of the machine to another thickness of the work-piece. The tools are driven by two three-phase A.C. motors of 1.1 kW. After insertion the work-piece is clamped, cut and released automatically by merely pressing the button. This method of operation with one stop system guarantees optimum performance and outstanding precision.

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