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STEGHERR End Profiling Station, type KF

STEGHERR has been manufacturing special machinery for the profiled corners on windows and doors for over 15 years. KF End Screibe

The excellent quality of this joint is achieved by shaping the work-piece ends with two counter-rotating spindles. In the same working cycle the machine can profile the work-piece ends, drill the holes for dowels or screws and insert dowels.

KF HeadsThe flexible concept of the STEGHERR Coping Centre KF is suited for a large number of machine versions: With milling spindles from 4.0 to 7.5 kW with different shaft lengths and tool holders, with two or four height adjustable spindles, either pneumatic or over servo drive, with a simple and economic cross cut saw or with a NC automatic saw, to name just a few possible variations.

 The Profiling Station, type KF-W with tool changer. An optional device on the Coping Station KF is a fully automatic program controlled tool changer which can hold the cutter heads for up to six profiles. This way the KF accomplishes the complete processing of all profiles of a window or of various window design profiles without any manual tool change.

Complete Processing of Windows and Doors In combination with one of the Drilling- Milling Centres, types FD-E2 or BBF, it is possible to make all necessary operations on the long side of the work-piece as well. All the machine operator needs are profiled bars, cut to exact length or in original lengths.

Various jointing systems are possible using either Dowels, Screws or Bolts

KF Dowel Joint        KF Screw Joint      KF Bolt Joint

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