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The Altendorf WA 80 can take on any cutting challenge youWA-80 TE can present it with, whatever material you want to cut, whether wood, plastic or non ferrous metal. With its well thought out design and robust build quality, it makes light work of simple but precise squaring cuts through to complex angles. Completely designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, the machine sets a new benchmark for sliding table saws in terms of price and quality. The Altendorf WA 80 is a pleasure to work with, cut for cut, day after day.

The WA-80 range comprises 4 models from the manual WA-80/NT to the WA-80/X with three axis powered movement to the saw blade and rip fence.

The most popular model in the range is the  WA 80/TE where the main saw blade with motorised rise/fall and tilt is simply adjusted at the press of a button. The digital display of the angle remains in your field of vision at all times during the cutting operation.

WA-80/TE Technical Specification:

- Motorised rise/fall  and tilt of the main saw blade with push button control

- 400 mm dia saw blade with a maximum of 125 mm depth of cut at 90°

- 3000 mm long sliding table giving  2905 mm length of cut. (2000 mm and 3200 mm table are available).

- 3200 mm long cross cut fence with two manually adjusted flip over stops.

- 1000 mm capacity rip fence, manually adjusted.

- 5.5 kW (7.5 hp) motor with three speeds, 3/4/5000 rpm.

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