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W12 Exhibition, October 7th -10th

Stand N° 8E530


John Penny Woodworking Machinery Ltd will be exhibiting machinery from one of its oldest principles STEGHERR and its newest AVOLA.

The Stegherr KSF Mini closed halving joint machine will be running and samples of the perfectly cut joint will be available to take away. Also on display will be the Stegherr KF Mini end scribing machine which is able to cut scribes on the end of profiled beads without any breakout and without the need for a backing board. You will be able to discuss the full range of Stegherr equipment for the production of all window components from manually operated machines through to full CNC controlled systems.

Halving Joint

Avola is not just the name of a small wine area in Sicily but also the name of an important German saw manufacturer exhibiting for the first time in the UK.                                 AVOLA Maschinenfabrik A.Volkenborn GmbH & Co. has been making site saws for over 70 years and is now possibly the largest supplier of site saws in Europe. In 1999 they introduced the Gama range of large capacity compound angle cross cut saws, these heavy duty saws have found a ready market in the timber frame industry and in log building manufacturers and have been developed to include CNC controls.

The new Gama 65K3 with touch screen control will be demonstrated on the John Penny stand, this machine has CNC control to length, saw angle and table swivel and is capable of cutting cross sections up to 245mm thick at 90° and  45° at 164mm thick.                             There will also be an example of the site saws made by Avola on the stand which will be a welcome change from the cheap throw away type of machine normally associated with this market segment.

Avola Gama Saw

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