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With the increase in the demand for Georgian style windows with full and plant on glazing bars the well established quality joinery manufacturer T J Ross (Joiners) Ltd of Fife have invested in a Stegherr KSF2/4 Closed halving joint machine.T J Ross Factory

Mr Murray Hain of T J Ross visited the Ligna exhibition in Hanover last year and viewed the Stegherr KSF2/4 working on the stand and was impressed with the simplicity of operation and the quality of the joint produced.

The KSF2/4 has four working elements, the top and bottom cutterheads produce the mitred part of the joint and the front and rear grooving tools produce the closed halving.
Having four heads gives the advantage of being able to produce both parts of the joint without turning the components through 180º to make the matching joint.

To work along side the KSF2/4 T J Ross have also installed the Stegherr KF/Mini end scribing machine to produce finished length glazing bars with scribed ends prior to being jointed on the KSF2/4. The KF/Mini can produce perfect end scribes in fully profiled stock without any splintering or breakout.

Stegherr KSF 2/4The two Stegherr machines will reduce the cost and speed up production of the astragals and allow them to be assembled prior to being finished in the spray shop as a complete unit. This will give the advantages of faster fitting of astragals, improved appearance and better weathering.

The machines in the Stegherr range can be demonstrated at the showroom of John Penny Woodworking Machinery Ltd in Abingdon or a wider look at the full range can be organised at the factory of Stegherr in Germany. The Stegherr range of machines encompass a number of standard and special machines for the production of wooden windows and the company is well know for their ability to solve problems by listening to
their customers.



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