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New Stegherr KF

for the jointing of wooden window and door components

The family-owned company Stegherr Maschinenbau based in Regenstauf north of Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany is well known for its creative machine concepts for the economic manufacturing of windows and doors.

Stegherr KF Stegherr are able to offer customized machinery for moulding, scribing, drilling and dowel insertion both for small series and large series production. An example of this creativity is the KF end scribing machine which has been manufactured for 15 years and recently had major development to give the growing wooden window market an alternative manufacturing method.

The new KF is a machining center for cutting to length,KF Screw Joint scribing and drilling of casement and frame profiles. The unique design of the KF ensures absolutely tear free end scribing of profiled components by means of two counter rotating milling spindles on which are mounted two identical profile tools. These spindles can be supplied in different lengths to allow for stacked tooling to be used in conjunction with a programmable servo drive vertical axis. The new software allows for easy programming without any special knowledge.

To further increase the tool holding capacity of the KF the machine is also available with an automatic tool changer which doubles the tools able to be carried on the machine. Dependant on profiles, the tool changer version can give the possibility of up to 60 frames per shift.   

KF Dowel JointWith the KF it is possible to carry out all the drilling operations required for a mechanical connection for the scribed joint, this includes face and end drilling of the component, this can also be combined with dowels or a complete dowelled construction can be used. If dowels are to be used the KF can be supplied with automatic glue injection and dowel insertion, to further increase the efficiency of the machine.

The new Stegherr KF now gives a practical system to produce high quality windows from profiled wood without the need for shaped backing boards needed to avoid breakout on conventional machines. It would also allow for consideration to be given to the out sourcing of high quality solid or laminated timber profiled window sections, so avoiding the considerable costs of waste and its disposal.


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