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DW Mouldings invest NOW.

With the economy looking to be on the up DW mouldings have invested to ensure that they can produce what their customers want and when they want it. After replacing over the last few years most of their Weinig moulders with the new Weinig Powermat machines it was time to look at the peripheral machines that service the moulders.

Stenner ST-0100RThe old Stenner resaw had been a good workhorse over many years but was not giving the quality and accuracy of cut demanded in today’s wood moulding market.

After discussions with Steve Cracknell of John Penny Woodworking Machinery Ltd the long standing Stenner distributor, it was decided that the ideal replacement was the Stenner ST100R.

The ST100R is fitted with variable speed for the saw blade giving the best possible finish on hardwoods of all species. The ST100R can carry a very fine kerf saw blade giving major saving on wastage over the old saw and accuracy of cut that allows the minimum of oversize prior to moulding. Mr David Howard said that the Stenner had already proved its worth in one contract where they were now able to get two pieces from thinner boards thus saving timber and reducing the cost of the product.

RWT Sander BS1100 RPThe other machine to be replaced was the wide belt sander which again had been installed for many years and was becoming troublesome and difficult to set.

The replacement machine chosen was the RWT BS1100 RP machine form the manufacturer RWT based in the Czech Republic.

This machine is fitted with a calibrating roller to the first head and a combination roller/pad to the second head making it ideal for solid wood sanding and combined with very simple controls and automatic thickness setting it can be used by everyone in the factory. The BS1100 has a motor to each head giving plenty of capacity for stock removal and a self-centring feed mat to ensure a long service life.

Weing Opticut DW Mouldings have also invested in an OptiCut S50 automatic crosscut saw from Weinig to give the added service of cut to length components which has become an important part of the package offered to customers by DW Mouldings. The OptiCut S50 has already proved to be an important addition, with the production of two flooring contracts having already been processed. With the accuracy of the S50 (+/- 0.5mm), and its increased productivity (4 times quicker than conventional radial arm saws), these contracts have been produced much more efficiently, and therefore much more profitably. With the addition of optimising and defecting also built into the machine, as much as an 8% increase in timber yield can be achieved, making the payback of the machine even shorter.

 DW Mouldings are now ready for the improvement in the UK economy which we can all sense is on the way.

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