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Boyland Joinery Ltd has recently installed a new Stegherr KSF2/4A closed halving joint machine and a KF Mini end scriber to improve the production of their Georgian glazing bar astragals.

Boyland Joinery KSF-2

Previously they had been using an older manually fed Stegherr KSF2 which they had purchased second hand; this machine will be kept for the production of special order glazing bars.

The new KSF2/4A has an automatic infeed and positioning system controlled by an easy to use programmer which will memorise 20 different cutting patterns.

The machine has four working units to produce the closed halving joint, these are top and bottom notching tools and front and rear grooving tools. This arrangement of cutting tools guarantees a perfect and splinter free halving joint giving a quality finish to the bar

The machine can be programmed to produce the required spacing between joints and will cut the bar to a finished length ready for scribing on the new Stegherr KF Mini end scriber.

The machines were commissioned and full training given by a Stegherr engineer which is all part of the package offered by the UK distributers John Penny Woodworking Machinery Ltd.

KSF-2 & KF-Mini at Boyland

KSF-2/A & KF-Mini at Boyland Joinery


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