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81º? No Problem

The Stegherr GLS NC angle trimming saw is the ideal bead processing unit for window and door manufacturing where beads are required to be cut accurately to length with mitred or angled ends.

GLS + in & out feedsThe standard GLS model is able to produce beads with fixed angles; the saw unit is positioned by pneumatics to the preset angles with the bead length determined by the NC pusher. The GLS model can be enhanced with the fitting of servo drives to both the saw cutting angle and cutting speed. With the servo drives fitted the angle setting of the machine can be programmed to cut varying angles on either end of the beads, and the cutting speed can be controlled to allow81 deg joint perfect cutting in most materials including solid wood, MDF, aluminium and synthetic materials.

On request The GLS can be supplied with the ability for cutting angles up to +/-81°.

The new GLS-2 machine has set new standards for flexible bead production with the ability to produce varying angles in both planes using only one saw unit.

An example of this is the production of a vertical glazing bead where one end is cut to 45º to mitre to the top bead and the other end is cut to 9º to scribe over the bottom bead.

The GLS-2 is also able to cut compound angles and if required angles greater than 45º can be accommodated.  

GLS sample jointsThe work piece is fed and positioned by the NC pusher and the component programme can be manually entered on the controller or downloaded from an office PC using most window manufacturing software programmes.

Both machines can be automated by the fitting of vertical or horizontal feeders and motorised out feed systems giving a cost effective and efficient bead production cell.


By visiting the web site at you can view videos of both GLS & GLS-2 machines working.

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