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The machine manufacturer AVOLA MASCHINENFABRIKAn Early Avola Saw Bench of Hattingen Germany are celebrating their 175th anniversary this year and are still under the control of the founding family ‘Volkenborn’ now in the 5th generation.

They have been manufacturing saw benches for over 70 years and are now possibly the largest supplier of site saws in Europe; in 1999 they introduced the Gama range of large capacity compound angle cross cut saws.

These heavy duty saws have found a ready market in the timber frame industry and in log building manufacturers and have been developed to include CNC controls.

On the Gama 65 the height of cut is an impressive 245mm at 90° and the saw blade can be automatically tilted to 30° when the height of cut reduces to 113mm.

The swivel table is manually adjusted from 0° to 150° by a scale giving an incredible range of cutting angles; thisCompound angle cutting adjustment can also be powered and combined with an electronic digital readout.

Having a two handed control to start the cutting cycle and a totally enclosed pneumatic clamping saw guard the Gama saw is exceptionally safe and an ideal replacement for the old type hydraulic and pneumatic saws.   

At the top of this range of saws is the Gama 75 V5 a 5 axis CNC saw with a remarkable cutting height of 295mm, the Gama 75 V5 can be enhanced with a number of handling options to increase the efficiency of the system.

John Penny Woodworking Machinery Ltd was recently appointed as the distributing agent for the UK and has already installed two Gama machines at customers in the UK and a machine has been installed in their showroom for demonstrations.

Laser Guided CuttingPost top  weathering

Pictures:    Top right         - An early Avola Saw Bench

Middle right    - Compound andle cutting

Bottom left     - Laser guided cutting

Bottom right   - Post top weathering

Avola range of Gama Saw Benches

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